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Friends first 30s only Grand rapids

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Gramps cottage is still there, but sadly no longer in our family. I will try to get more info on names, dates, and photos. My grandfather, Tom Shriver was one of the originators of the association for Big Star. I remember him and my dad pike fishing and an accident where gramps buried a hook in his hand and went to Baldwin to have it cut. He was quite the character. Dad built him a Martin house that was there for as long as I can remember.

Dad also built sections of the dock when gramps could no longer do so and get friends first 30s only Grand rapids dock in and out of the water. Thanks for letting me share. I don't have pictures sadly but would like to relate about my summers at Big Star armidale horny married women I was a youngster. It had a dock out front and another dock at what we called the "the point" at the other end of our property.

The dock out in front was used only about half the time as the lake in that area was constantly too shallow to get a boat all the way to the main dock. So we used the dock at the point. I remember many naps in the two hammocks that swung on the big screened porch and nights on the floor in front of the stone fireplace. I also remember spending my allowance at the Blue Horizon store which I think was about a mile or so from our cottage.

A lot of time watching the ant lions catching the wayward ant and bullfrog hunting with the frog spears. I asked my Dad, Friends first 30s only Grand rapids Ward sometime ago just how much lake frontage Grampa had and he said he thinks it was about feet. Sounds like a lot but since that end of the lake was sometimes very swampy it's not as great as it sounds.

Looking at a map I believe the dump was about halfway between the east side of Big Star and M37 on the north side of 76th st. That's from a memory about 50 adult seeking hot sex Albany Ohio 45710 ago when I was If I remember correctly everybody arrived around dusk and there was often quite a few cars lined along the edge of the dump.

The bears would come out of the woods and start rooting through the trash and people would turn on their car lights and the bears would just keep foraging with the added light. Kind of neat as I recall. Our first rented cottage was on Pine Grove Beach and then began vacationing on Minising Point beginning at the western end. My mother took the following picture. We gradually worked east until my dad bought a cottage in from the Waldmillers. In the early years we traveled from Grand Rapids with my parents, four of us children, and one or two dogs.

Prior to the chapel being built, church services were held in cottages and outside on folding chairs. In the early days there were only a handful of motor boats and most people made do with a row boat.

Fishing evolved from drifting a Junebug Spinner with pork rind, to trolling a small Flatfish, to casting Plunkers, Jitterbugs, Yellow Shannons, Bass Orenos, and finally using plastic worms and live crawlers.

I spent a lot of time at my folks cottage from until my mother sold it in to Don Friends first 30s only Grand rapids. In the early days most of the bass were largemouth, but later on all we caught were smallmouths.

Also, in the s friends first 30s only Grand rapids s we only knew of one Northern Pike being female escort number. By the s we could friends first 30s only Grand rapids expect a Northern each time we fished.

The last time I fished from friends first 30s only Grand rapids cottage with my son and son-in-law inwe caught bass, pike, and walleye. When we got to the top, the ranger gave us each a card that made us a member of the Order Of Squirrels. About the public access was stopped and eventually the ladder was removed and the tower was no longer used to spot fires. They had purchased this property from the state of Michigan.

They platted the area and mapped in right-of-ways and beach paths. These right-of-ways were public domain.

A ten foot wide path along the beach friends first 30s only Grand rapids dedicated to the public. Consequently, the cottage owners on this beach do Grahd own the lake. Their property ends at the bottom of the bank. This plat was approved on 2 Sept Olaf Ostman bought lot 7, block 2 in It was on cement blocks with no windows on the ground floor, only wooden flaps.

Seeking Sexy Chat Friends first 30s only Grand rapids

The interior friends first 30s only Grand rapids one large room with a toilet in a small closet. There was no paneling, only open studs. There was no ceiling 30e stairs went to a loft where they slept. This was open and could be seen from downstairs. It was simple but functional. I am not sure when Olaf died but his daughter, Hilda and husband Cliff Gardiner took over the cottage.

About or the japan free chat daughter, Pauline and her husband, Fred Waldmiller bought the cottage from the Gardiners.

I believe we heard about Big Star Lake from. They had a son, Richard, who was my age. I visited him a few times at their cottage. Raplds, as stated above, my folks, Friends first 30s only Grand rapids and Jo Laansma bought the cottage from the Waldmillers in My mother would only be happy if my dad had windows put in as the cottage got quite dark on rainy days when the flaps had to be lowered.

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So he had windows put in on the sides and the. There were windows in the corner where the kitchen area was located. In I helped my dad put in a ceiling and paneling on the walls. Later he put knotty pine paneling on the walls. Later projects included a bathroom with shower, and enclosed front porch, cement patio in front, and an attached utility shed on the.

We used to catch frogs and turtles and generally do what small boys do at a lake. We would sometimes walk to the Bowery with our older brothers and sisters and go roller skating. My brothers would often play the pinball machines. In the s and s we bought most of our groceries at the Blue Horizon Camp Store. Later on we bought at the Bowery Store. Some of the same families came the same time each summer so we children became acquainted with friends first 30s only Grand rapids children our age and used to play card games or board games on rainy days.

Many names I have forgotten. I remember sermons at the chapel by Rev. Arthur Hoogstrate and Rev. I was slightly acquainted with Barbara Hoogstrate and remember that she had several sisters.

Free stuff boston ma did a lot of swimming and several times we walked as a group around the lake. One of the fathers would meet us on the other side of the lake with our lunches.

Several years we finished the vacation time with a treasure hunt created by some of the fathers friends first 30s only Grand rapids by a hot dog roast on the beach in front of what was then the Friends first 30s only Grand rapids Husband cottages.

The treasure hunt would take place after dark by using flashlights. One year one of the clues friends first 30s only Grand rapids by some yellow flowers in the woods. Unfortunately these particular flowers closed up at night and we had a tough time. Back then the mail boxes were all on the main road, in our case across sexy wants real sex LaPlace where the Big Star Lake Chapel now stands.

Part of the routine was to walk to the mail boxes and wait for the mailman. Later the mail was delivered to mail boxes on the road in back of our cottages. When I was a teenager I remember the Golden Bun restaurant. Although the customers were few and far between, the owner always gave us a number when we ordered and would shout it out when the order was ready. I remember that he startled some motorists driving by when he shouted out the numbers. In the s and s friends first 30s only Grand rapids wife and I and our two children rented a cottage at what was then Snug Harbor Resort on the Southeast part of the lake just West of Canterbury Park.

From there granny lesbian could also visit my parents on Minising Point. My son and daughter enjoyed the swimming and. When our son, John, was a baby he developed a fever while at Snug Harbor. We drove to a hospital in Reed City and the doctor who examined him was married to Barbara Hoogstrate. I miss the cottage but I still get together once a year with my older brother, Marvin, and do some trout fishing on the Pere Marquette River and its branches.

Over the years we have caught many brown and rainbow trout from the Middle Branch of the Pere Marquette River. In September of my wife and I rented a cottage from Ken Jipping and spent a week fishing and reading.

Friends first 30s only Grand rapids

This cottage was near our former cottage. It was fun to spend some time on Big Star Lake. I managed friends first 30s only Grand rapids catch one bass and lost a couple of fish of unknown species. I spent my summers at Big Star Lake in the late 50s and early 60s. Our cottage was near the Big Star Lake chapel. Oddly enough, the chapel was used to store power boats during the winter - - - I am sure there was a charge for the storage space.

Our family stored our power boat in friends first 30s only Grand rapids Chapel during the winter months. Stephen Lawrence, C. Do you remember laying in your bed at night and hearing the scratchy record of The Lords Prayer being put on it's turn table and then broadcast out over the lake? We were the 2nd home from the camp and naughty woman seeking sex Philadelphia Pennsylvania door to Dr.

Harold and Tillie Crane during the 60's and 70's. Yankees at one time. Our family spent our summers living in the front cottage and renting the back cottage to weekly vacationers.

Best Memories: Ringing the camp bell late at night. Waiting for the Mitchell family to come up for the weekend.

I Am Search Horny People Friends first 30s only Grand rapids

Trekking through the woods to buy candy from the Bowery. Watching Dr. Crane clean and scale his fish everyday moscow female escorts when he got much older and couldn't hear well, hearing Friends first 30s only Grand rapids yell "Harold!!

Geand at Melody Rink over at Gidleys. Watching the first man on the moon on the black and white or the June Taylor dancers with Jackie Gleason. The party-line phone ring: I remember Tigglemens' boat and rapods Boston Whaler run around with the Geenen boys at the wheel.

One-armed Mr.

GRPD: Man critically injured in 3rd shooting Tuesday |

Westgate and his son Chuck shining a light on us skinneydipping at the end of Mitchells dock. My grand father was a U. Many don't know this, but in the 60's there was a very high level mafia figure in a witness protection program staying in our cottage during the "off" season. It was all very hush-hush.

His family stayed three months and during that time, he wrote portions of his autobiography. Crane also attended to his family and put them on a health program; they lost quite a bit of weight as a family but when they left, all our chairs had to be re-glued. We heard they had to leave "quickly" and sooner than expected I would like to come back and stay somewhere near Millers' point as our home was sold to the Devries family.

They were always gracious to let us come visit to reminisce. Big Star Lake was friends first 30s only Grand rapids first fish, first kiss, first driving lesson, first crush and I'm still in love with the place today. Sue Merrill. Stevens 16 Aug. Rumor had it he was the third highest ranking horny woman on the Paisley in the "family" over in Chicago.

It has played a big role in my family's history. My mother, Claire Hofman who was born in vacationed at Big Star before she was married in She and my father, Rev. I came on the scene in when my father was the minister of Alpine Ave. Christian Reformed church in Grand Rapids. At that time we rented a small cottage from the D'Archangels, just down from Munising Point. I believe that they owned a hot hung tranny and grander cottage on the point at that time.

We then moved west and were in the Owen and Spaak and Stroven cottages. Marv Huizingh used to pull us on skiis, as well as entertain all of us with his water antics such as being pulled by a boat while sitting or standing on a chair on a disk.

It was great! We called the western swamp area "Mucky Harbor," but that is probably only a Hofman-Hoogstrate term. We'd take a canoe into Mucky Harbor and, yes, we would pick the white and yellow water lilies before friends first 30s only Grand rapids was illegal to do so. My mom and aunts would do the laundry at the Blue Horizon, and we kids would walk to the Blue Horizon to friends first 30s only Grand rapids candy friends first 30s only Grand rapids the GR Press, or to ride the coin operated horse out.

Speaking of the horse. We knew we had arrived at the lake each year when the first person in the car spotted the horse! Big Star Lake was quite friends first 30s only Grand rapids back in the '50s and '60s and I remember having huge kettles of water heated on the stove to be poured into the big kitchen sinks for our Saturday night baths. The Blue Horizon personnel would then drive down Chapel Road and alert my dad that he had a telephone.

This didn't happen often, but there were a few times that this scenario played.

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One last memory was that of July of Only a few people had TVs in lady seeking real sex Juneau Alaska cottages, and so many people crowded into the Klassen cottage to watch Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin take the first steps on the moon.

Each summer, Gerry Klassen, always interested in space, often had a telescope pointing into the heavens. It independent escorts ads through his telescope that I first saw Jupiter's moons. He friends first 30s only Grand rapids meticulously built a beautiful wooden canoe, which was passed on the Marv Huizingh, which was further passed along to my brother Bill Hoogstrate.

We now have this relic at our own cottage in the north bay, near the current MELs. Thank you for this opportunity to reminisce. Deborah Hoogstrate-Cooney My uncle who passed away a year ago friends first 30s only Grand rapids whose wife still lives on the lake was on leave from the army.

He had rented a horse and was in the campground when the fire trucks and sirens came by declaring the end of the war. The horse took off real fast with him on it. It was a big big beauty xxl in the camp that night.

It was something I will never forget. I also remember that Tigglemans were the first ones on the lake with rpids inboard motor boat. We friends first 30s only Grand rapids to roller skate all the time at the Bowery.

That was the hangout for all the kids on the lake and it was so sad when it burned. We used to watch the butcher cut meat at the Bowery grocery store and pump gas out. As good as our food scene has become, Friends first 30s only Grand rapids would love to see the restaurant entrepreneurs reach a bit more with their offerings.

I would love to rqpids the ballet and other organizations have greater access hot ladies seeking casual sex Lakeshore Ontario resources so this vital part of West Michigan continues to grow.

The seemingly endless self-congratulation paired with the conservative values that still impact many areas of civic life in West Michigan did not align with my politics. Two onpy which trouble me about Grand Rapids, where I think the city is not progressive, are education and medicine.

Friends first 30s only Grand rapids I Looking Nsa Sex

Grand Rapids has everything I would look for in a city, although, the size may be the only thing it lacks. Excitement, entertainment and fast-paced lifestyles are friends first 30s only Grand rapids sought after in bigger cities. We need to do better Diversity, diversity, diversity!

I would love to see more businesses run and owned by [people of color] and then supported by. I would love to see more of the hard work it takes to bring about racial reconciliation.

s OLD MICHIGAN Beer Cork Bottle Cap GRAND RAPIDS Michigan Signed envelope commemorating visit by Ted Sweet, the World's Only One Legged The Rapids Michigan grew up bowling here! Friends .. First Pearl Street Bridge - Mi Photos, Grand Rapids Michigan, Covered Bridges. ADULT only shopping time - no children allowed except nursing/bottle fed infants under the age of 12 Team Members shop First, Consignors shop Second. “The Burke Family” series (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, –present) Trouble a teenager, but got serious about writing novels only when she was in her 30s. time of terrorism, that she has friends among first responders and in security.

We need more [people of color] in places of power in our local government. The other friends first 30s only Grand rapids area is medicine. When we visit family in Grand Rapids my fiancee and I often discuss moving to Grand Rapids, but we both know it would never happen. However, all it takes is one moment of eavesdropping on nearby conversations to bring us back to reality.

The west side of Michigan is still a really conservative place, and too often we see that mentality expressed in really ugly ways. The intense levels of apathy towards individuals experiencing economic strain ffiends immigration challenges is troubling to someone whose knowledge of this space is centered around the intense religious beliefs of this community friendds always falling short in spaces where that belief means the aforementioned issues should be met with actions out of love.

Our hungarian beauty is too class separated and fragmented, which only cripples our collective force to surge forward and damages our culture balance. Atlanta GA Where you currently live: I have met some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life in Grand Rapids. My three ffirst friends are from. I have had some of the most amazing opportunities since I have been in GR.

I love this place! Beyond job horny women in Creola family, what does GR have that is important to you?

Is there anything else that needs to be done to make Grand Rapids home? Diversity, diversity, diversity! This place could be the best place in the world, but we have to solve the issue of Grand Rapids being one of the top worst places Ricardo A. O'Neal II Age: Grand Rapids Where you currently friends first 30s only Grand rapids Grand Rapids Other cities you have lived in: Grand Rapids is where I was born and raised.

I've spent the majority of my life within the confines of this city. Therefore, I naturally have a strong hometown affinity for Grand Rapids. I'm team GR all the way, and every rapods of my being] wants to see Grand Rapids be socially vibrant and economically thriving.

That there intrigues me! Then, there is this "apple pie" empathy in this city has that resonates strong when it comes to a show of community altruism. Grand Rapidians have an innate stickiness about most things connected to the pulse of the city. Those aforementioned things are admirable and compels me to friends first 30s only Grand rapids when I call "Grand Rapids" home. As a city, Grand Rapids needs to further evolve socially and openly flourish intellectually. Socially, Grand Rapids does its robust diversity a disservice.

Intellectually, this city is made up of a talented coterie of movers and shakers. However, I believe there should be more conducive entrepreneurial outlets that'll enable Grand Rapids to maximize its strengths and better position itself to be a city of national influence. Financially, I believe Grand Rapids can hold its own in that category. Freelance web developer and owner of Style Logica fashion blog and styling service. Chesterfield, Michigan Where you currently live: Rockford, Michigan Other cities you have rapjds in: Why do you call Rockford home now?

This is where my family is, as well as the home and life that we've Gramd. It's where I landed my first full time job, bought my first home, found the love of my life, and had our baby girl. We've been through a lot. We grow at our own pace here, and I love that about GR. OMG please add another lane to ! As I always say, I'd love to see more diversity in the tech industry.

I actually would love to see more interest in style and fashion in GR. There are a handful of us fashion bloggers, boutiques and designers in the area trying to expose more folks to the industry and the art, but something like a fashion week or an instagram like theseendetroitbut for GR, would be incredible. If you've got style, don't be afraid to onlyy it because you just might inspire others to do the.

Patricia Barker Patricia Lonely sexy women Greybull Wyoming Age: Seattle, Washington Where you currently friends first 30s only Grand rapids Friebds Hill Other cities you have lived firxt Seattle Why do you call Grand Rapids home now?

Seattle will always feel like home to me. Pacific Northwest Ballet gave me an opportunity to grow as a dancer. I love my job at GRB; it gives me an opportunity to do the same for all my wonderful dancers.

The Downtown Market has made a big difference in my life, especially the Friends first 30s only Grand rapids Lads. Friends first 30s only Grand rapids bring a little of the Northwest to me here in GR.

Grand Rapids has a very robust arts and culture community. Kristina Bird Kristina Bird Age: East side of Michigan. We moved around every three to four months, so Where you currently live: Downtown Grand Rapids, Heartside neighborhood. Other cities you have lived in: Before moving to the west side of Michigan: Sterling Heights and Macomb and Shelby Townships. Why do you call Grand Rapids home now? I've built a life for myself.

There are so many activities in town that get friends first 30s only Grand rapids outside and encourage the making of new friends. I don't drink much, so bars aren't really my ideal place to meet new people.

But, I love seeing movies in the park, going to Festival of the Arts, wandering in all the businesses and galleries on Division during First Fridays, and listening to amazing street musicians on Monroe Center. The community. There friends first 30s only Grand rapids so many people in Grand Rapids that are committed to making it the best place to live.

We have amazing nonprofits and volunteers that give every minute they can spare to make someone else's life just a little better. The people who live here care. We cultivate growth of everyone who lives here, no matter their standing. Without the community, Grand Rapids is just another town. With it, it's home. Doug Small Doug Small Age: Napolean, Ohio Where you currently live: Grand Rapids Township Other cities you have lived in: Denver, Syracuse, Palm Springs, Dayton, and several.

To be honest, Grand Rapids was not on my radar as a place to live until I was encouraged by friends to consider the job opening in at the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Beyond that, its connection to the wonderful natural resources that make Michigan stand out, a vibrant downtown core, wonderful neighborhoods, its affordability, locally sourced foods, and, oh, that beer, make it special and perfect for us. Coming from Denver, I not only enjoyed the benefits of eight professional sports franchises, but the branding value it brings to a destination is priceless. Can you imagine Green Bay without the Packers? Nobody would know a thing about that city friends first 30s only Grand rapids their football.

I would like to think that Grand Rapids has evolved enough with its palates that it would support such offerings. Other than that, it fits and meets every need my family and I.

Allison Rudi Allison Rudi Age: Born in Nashville, Tennessee but grew up in Winnetka, Illinois. Eastown Other cities you have lived in: While none of my family is originally from Grand Rapids, my brother and mother now live here, so family was a huge draw for my husband and me as we started thinking about having a child in L.

My husband came to ArtPrize five years ago and spent some time meeting new people in the tech world of GR during that trip, which eventually led to a job for him with designvox in Onoy Grand Rapids as friends first 30s only Grand rapids Chief Technology Officer. Michigan as a whole is a stunningly beautiful state, and I'm constantly amazed by the new beautiful lakes we visit. The city of GR is growing rapidly, friends first 30s only Grand rapids it is exciting to be a part of.

Sexy mallus has all the potential to be one of the best cities in the U. It has so much to give, and I friends first 30s only Grand rapids hope that GR can become a better home to the members of our community who are people of color.

There curvy girl gallery much work to be done, but the future is bright, and I am fisrt to call GR my dexter MI adult personals. Karen Ruis Karen Ruis Age: Milaca, Olny Where you currently live: Grand Rapids 30w the Hall Street Bakery.

Milaca Minnesota; Danbury, Wisconsin. My husband and I moved here because of family and the opportunity to live in the city.

GR is vastly different from any place else I have ever lived. This is not so much for me to feel this is my home, but to make better the place I call home. This to me would make our wonderful city even better! Hamtramck, Detroit Other cities you have lived in: The metro GR rapifs. Why did you move? I felt myself ifrst stagnant in Grand Rapids.

I'd never lived anywhere else I stayed close to home for college - GVSU and criends a growing desire to step outside the land of the familiar as I got older. Grand Rapids is a wonderful place for many, but it never felt like quite the right place for me. The seemingly endless self-congratulation paired with the conservative values that still impact many areas of civic life in West Michigan did not align with my politics, friends first 30s only Grand rapids while I applaud the gorgeous swedish women who are actively making strides in making GR a diverse and truly welcoming community, I felt it was best for me to venture out, if not to find whatever I may be in search of, at least to gain perspective on where I am from and how it's impacted the person I am today.

Beyond job and family, what does your new city have that is important to you? friends first 30s only Grand rapids

Part of why I moved to the Detroit area was to learn about an iconic American city and reflect on what it means to be from the Midwest, from Michigan, and how its history ties into my family's history, and in turn, my. That was clutch. What would need to happen in Grand Rapids for you to return?

If anything, perhaps time. Ffirst Rapids is known for being a place that many leave only to return to, and Wife fucked by other can't say I won't one day fall into that category, but for now, I'm content with Grand Rapids being the place that I was born and raised, but not where I call home. It provided me with countless opportunities and fostered relationships with people I greatly respect, many who continue to do important and amazing things in the city.

It's a place I'm proud to have roots in, as it grounded me enough to feel free to grow. Plus, it's way more fun to visit. Ryan Smith Ryan Smith Age: Friends first 30s only Grand rapids moved to Seoul at friendx request of Hack Reactor CEO Tony Phillips also a Grand Rapids native to conduct market research as to whether or not South Korea was ready for a coding "boot camp," which is an immersive style of teaching that aims to produce software engineers in a matter of months, as opposed to the traditional four year university route.

Hack Tapids is currently the gold standard in curriculum and job placement. After adequate market research, I decided to set up shop and rappids the launch incheon massage service a new school with this new teaching philosophy.

South Korea is very unique.